Isaac Petersen

Phone  +61409872793 Artwork available here:
Email Harvey Galleries (Sydney, AUS)
Website Artbay Gallery (Queenstown, NZ)
Boyd-Dunlop Gallery (Napier, NZ)

Paintings sold privately in New Plymouth by the artist and Plantation Design Store


Q) How do I go about getting a painting commissioned?

A) There are a number of steps in the commissioning process:

Firstly the client and I discuss what it is they want – this could be an idea, or there may be specific content that they would like to see. Together we agree on the size of the painting, its ‘mood’ and so on. These discussions take place in person, over the phone or via email.

After we have come to a consensus, I give a quote – which is a ‘guess-timate’ of how much I think the final painting will cost. I also give a time frame so that my clients know roughly when to expect the finished work. if – further down the track – I expect the cost or time frame to deviate from what has been discussed, I proactively contact my client so that everyone is happy with the process and ‘in the loop’.

I begin painting once 30% of the deposit is paid.

Once the painting is complete, I email my client a photo of the finished work – unless they want a surprise.

The completed painting is posted out to my clients, wherever they may be in the world, If they are Taranaki locals then I will personally deliver the work.

Finally, I email through a summary invoice which includes the cost of the work and all freight charges.

If my clients are not happy with the finished product, I do whatever I can to resolve the issue. Fortunately I’ve never had any complaints!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions about commissioned work.

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