8th Annual 200 x 200

8th Annual 200 x 200
Artists from all over New Zealand

It’s that time of year again! The 8th annual and very anticipated 200 x 200 exhibition at KINA NZ Design + Art Space. The opening night is Friday 29th of November at 5.20pm.

There will be viewing of artworks at 5:20pm.  Purchases can be made from 5:30pm onwards.

In previous years we have been flooded with people…the rush is on!  Make sure you are there when the doors open at 5:20pm and take note of the artwork you want to take home to put under the Christmas tree!  

The diversity of the works this year is astonishing and of a very high calibre. Katie and Luella have new and exciting artists to introduce. But not to worry KINA’s firm favourites will adorn the walls too. We promise you this is a must see show.

We invite artists from around NZ to submit work for this show. Each artist receives four boards, with one restriction on the presentation; that no part of the work can exceed the perimeters of the block but 3D is acceptable. 

Come and join this celebration of New Zealand’s creativity! 

Each work sells for $200.

Opening Friday 29th November 5.20 pm

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